Calendar of Genealogy Events in Colorado:

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Wednesday, January 9, 2019 (1:00 - 2:30 p.m.)

Foothills Genealogical Society Monthly Meeting

Applewood Valley United Methodist Church, 2035 Ellis St., Golden, CO 80401
Guests are always welcome. There is ample parking and handicap access.

Research in Local Historical Archives

Presented by Nancy Young

Research at local historical or genealogical societies can provide a wealth of information but sources may not be obvious. Learn how to find hidden gems in these archives from Nancy Young's presentation, "Research in Local Historical Archives". She will provide a foundation for research addressing both the pitfalls to be avoided and the insights to be gained.

Nancy will share her experiences researching in historical archives beginning with preparing for the trip, conducting the research on site and then following up with the inevitable questions. She also will discuss long-distance research, both by mail and telephone.

Born and raised in Arvada when the western town limit was Carr Street, Nancy pursued a successful professional career. After retiring, she began devoting substantial time to her favorite hobby: family history research. Her genealogical journey has covered a span of over 20 years and taken her to research archives across the nation.

Foothills Genealogical Society supports genealogical research with educational programs, classes and field trips. FhGS also preserves and publishes historical records from Clear Creek, Gilpin, Jefferson and Park counties. For more information, visit or write P.O. Box 150382, Lakewood CO 80215-0382.

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