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July 21 - Jewish Genealogy Society of Maryland - Pikesville, MD

Speaker: Sara Ani
Title: “Travels through Lithuania to Discover Litvak Heritage”
Date and Time: Sunday, July 21, 2019, 1:30 p.m.
Location: Pikesville Library’s meeting room, 1301 Reisterstown Rd, Pikesville, MD

Please join us on Sunday, July 21, 2019, to hear Sara Ani present “Travels through Lithuania to Discover Litvak Heritage.” Many of our ancestors came from Lithuania, and while 96% of Lithuania’s Jews were murdered in the Shoah, it is possible to travel in their footsteps in present-day Lithuania. In this presentation, Sara Ani will share what she saw on her trip to Lithuania last summer. She not only visited the mass killing sites and memorials to victims of the Shoah and their decimated communities, but also observed the ghostly remains of Jewish life before World War II. She even found her great-great-grandmother’s grave!

You will follow in her footsteps to see what life was like in the shtetls of Lithuania before the war and will view the remnants of Jewish homes, shops, synagogues, cemeteries, and Yeshivot as well as the places that marked the mass destruction of the Litvak community. You will hear pertinent information on how to find some of the more obscure locations of mass graves and forgotten cemeteries as well as helpful hints on getting around in Lithuania, finding a guide, and, for those who keep kosher, learning where to stay, pray, and eat. Sara will share some of the research she did that made her travels more meaningful and more productive and will discuss the question: "Where do we go from here?"

Sara Ani has a curious mind and enjoys solving mysteries. She became interested in genealogy when she inherited a multitude of family photographs and documents from her dad and aunt. She set out to identify the people in the photographs and to set the record straight on some of the mislabeled documents. She created a coherent family history from letters, documents, family lore, and artifacts. She enjoys visiting cemeteries, and she translates headstones and documents them as a Find A Grave volunteer. She loves to travel and actually see the places connected to her family, learning the history behind the locale. She is a member of the JGSMD and enjoys writing articles on her discoveries for its newsletter.

The program is free for paid members and $5 for non-members (applied to JGSMD membership fee) after their first meeting. Please check our web site at for late updates and for the time, location, and program of future meetings.

WEDNESDAY - FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 25,26, & 27, 2019 day long touring

**based at Fairfield Inn & Suites, Frankfort KY

Local historical and Graves family sites - touring Louisville, Bardstown, Frankfort, Woodford Co., & Lexington KY
Especially for but not limited to descendants of Graves of Virginia and St. Mary's Co. Maryland who migrated to Kentucky in the 1700s and early 1800s.

The focus largely is on participants who are in Graves Family Association (GFA) genealogies ( )connected to this touring area of Kentucky—#62, 94, 96, 111, 174, 261, 602, 603, 606 and 630 as well as #46, 77, 96, 111, 118, 150, 152, 215, 220, 270, and 511 since Family Tree DNA testing in Houston indicates that these “Graves family tree branches” have shared common “recent” ancestors dating back to the 1700s in Virginia and Maryland. All Graves descendants and gen #s welcome - Kentucky is a great place for everyone to visit!

This gathering follows ones held in 2015, 2016, 2017 in Harrisonburg-Staunton VA, Bardstown KY (4 counties), and Williamsburg-Jamestown VA respectively. These brought together known cousins and close Y-DNA matches from various Graves branches. Planners for this and earlier gatherings are Deb Lowe in Danville KY moc.oohay|1_ewolad#moc.oohay|1_ewolad 859-319-8012, Michael “Mike” D. Graves in Houston TX moc.oohay|044gdm#moc.oohay|044gdm 832-857-7815 and Steve Graves in St. Petersburg, FL moc.rr.yabapmat|sevargs#moc.rr.yabapmat|sevargs 727-804-3399. Tour schedule being developed.

To receive full details and updates contact Steve Graves moc.rr.yabapmat|sevargs#moc.rr.yabapmat|sevargs 727-804-3399.

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