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October 13, 2018

Greater Omaha Genealogical Society – Omaha, NE

Speaker : Jill Morelli CG

The Genealogical Proof Standard for Everyone – Does the Genealogical Proof Standard apply to my work? Yes, it does, but we will discuss how to apply it in a rational way whether you are still on paper of have a database. It’s not as hard as you think! Really.

Finding your Scandinavian Parish of Birth (covers Sweden, Denmark and Norway) – Have a Scandinavian ancestor, but don’t know the parish of birth? We will explore the records in the United States which may reveal the birth parish, the key needed to unlock the original records of Denmark, Sweden and Norway. When that route does not reveal the parish, we will investigate country-wide indexes and illustrate how to use the newly-found information to enter the parish records.

Using the Records of Scandinavia Without Knowing the Language. – Don’t let your lack of knowledge of the language of your country of origin keep you from exploring the original records of your Scandinavian ancestors. We will look at the organization of the records in various parishes, how to access that first event and how to use censuses with the parish records to make the process easier.

Road Trip! The Joys and Challenges Of Site Research - In 2016 Jill took a 6 week trip through the Midwest to 33 libraries, archives, courthouses and other repositories. She will discuss ways to make those onsite research trips fruitful, reveal some of her best finds, and confess some of her beginner mistakes, so hopefully you won’t make the same ones she did.

Registration info: or email moc.liamg|ahamo.spohskrow.sgog#moc.liamg|ahamo.spohskrow.sgog or call 402-289-5733.

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