Calendar of Genealogy Events in Oregon:

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March 23, 2019 - Springfield, Oregon

Oregon Genealogical Society Spring Seminar

"So You Found Them in the Census: That's Only the Start!"
When you find someone in the census, you probably write down some (maybe all?) of the information from the page, but have you thought of how that information can be clues to lead you further in your research? In this class we'll follow some of the many directions the census can take you.

"Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust: What's Buried in Cemetery Records"
This class will focus on identifying the cemeteries in which your family members are buried and then on how to obtain and use their records to further your research.

"Immigration and Naturalization Research"
When researching an immigrant ancestor, finding information here in the U.S. is the necessary first step (and the more, the better!). This class identifies resources and provides tools and strategies to help you make the leap to the “old country” as accurately as possible.

Speaker Janice M. Sellers is a professional genealogist who is passionate about her work. She specializes in Jewish, black, dual citizenship, and newspaper research. Her Web site is ancestraldiscoveries.com.

The seminar will be held at the Northwood Christian Church, 2425 Harvest Lane, Springfield, OR 97477.

Learn more at https://oregongs.org/.

March 23-31, 2019 - Portland, Oregon

GFO Open House: The GFO's biggest event of the year offers more than 35 FREE classes across nine straight days.

All classes are held at the Genealogical Forum library of Oregon in the basement of the historic Ford Building at SE 11th & Division in Portland.
Everyone is welcome to the library at no charge during the Open House.

This year features Irish Day, Beginners' Day, Finding Family Day and two full DNA Days!

See the full schedule here: https://gfo.org/openhouse2019

March 30-31, 2019 - Portland, Oregon

DNA Days: Golden State Killer Sleuth to Speak at the Genealogical Forum of Oregon

You have a chance to hear from the genetic genealogist who cracked the Golden State Killer case.
Barbara Rae-Venter is coming to speak twice at the GFO during our DNA Days.

On Saturday, March 30th, she will talk in the afternoon about DNA genealogy research techniques.
On the morning of Sunday, March 31st, Barbara will speak about the Golden State Killer case itself.

Barbara’s sleuthing has been profiled in the New York Times and she was named one of the 10 People Who Mattered most in 2018 by Nature magazine.

This will be so popular you must register for these limited seats. Registration opens on Friday, March 1st at 9 a.m. at our website https://gfo.org/openhouse2019

April 19, 2019 - Medford, Oregon

The Rogue Valley Genealogical Society in Medford Oregon invites you to join us in April 19th and 20th to learn about DNA testing from Blaine Bettinger. We are sponsoring both a workshop and a day long seminar.

The 2-hr workshop on April 19th is titled "Using Autosomal DNA for 18th and 19th Century Mysteries"

The seminar topics are: (1) "Using Y-DNA and mtDNA to Explore Your Ancestry" (2) Using GEDmatch and DNAPainter to Analyze Your Autosomal DNA – (3) Advanced Third-Party Tools –including GedMatch and DNA Painter (4) The Danger of Distant Matches

For more information and registration forms go to http://www.example.com http://www.rvgslibrary.org/events/Workshop2019.pdf

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