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ALERT: CHANGE IN PROGRAMMING Our originally scheduled Polish Vital Records Presentation will be rescheduled to a date/time in early 2020, provided conditions allow for it to happen. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the change in programming due to unforeseen circumstance. We do encourage you to join us for a very SPECIAL PRESENTATION being offered in its place. Please join the Bristol Chapter of the Massachusetts Society of Genealogists…

The 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims disembarking the MAYFLOWER and stepping foot on Plymouth Rock is around the corner! If you are interested in the journey of our ancestors, you'll love this presentation about the MAYFLOWER itself! It is a must attend. Please join the Bristol Chapter of the Massachusetts Society of Genealogists…

December 14th, 2019 (SAT)

Linda B. MacIver

Essex, England: The Home of the Mayflower?

Somerset Public Library

1464 County Street, Somerset, MA 02726

The voyage of the Mayflower in 1620 is seen as a defining moment in American history with some 10 million living Americans able to trace their ancestry back to the ship’s passengers. The early and final history of the Mayflower will be explored including the ship’s close connections to the county of Essex, England.

Linda B. MacIver is an educator, lecturer, librarian and genealogy researcher. Linda inaugurated the Boston Public Library (BPL) patron genealogy classes during her 27- year career at the BPL. She taught the multi-week beginners’ genealogy course for 5 years. She also organized two extremely popular seasons of the Local and Family History series and developed the Intermediate Genealogy Summer Lecture series. Linda is the Civil Records Director for Federal Records for the Massachusetts Genealogical Council and a member of the Massachusetts Society of Genealogists (MSOG) and the Essex (MA) Society of Genealogists (ESOG.) She serves as the New England Representative for the Essex (England!) Record Office. Linda has a BA in History from the University of New Hampshire, an MEd from Boston University and earned her MLIS at Simmons College.

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11:00am MSOG, Inc. Bristol Chapter Business Meeting (light refreshments will be served)
11:30am MSOG, Inc. Bristol Chapter Member Sharing
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JOIN US IN SOMERSET! We have attendees from all over Massachusetts and Rhode Island join us - because we are that much FUN! Typically outside of our formal meeting and presentation we continue to talk about genealogy over some good local food.

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