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Calendar of Genealogy Events in Rhode Island:

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Please stay safe and stay home… BUT STAY HOME WITH US! If you are curious about the use of DNA as a research tool for the Adopted and Illegitimate… explore the topic with us! You will undoubtedly learn something new to help you in your research. Join the Bristol Chapter of the Massachusetts Society of Genealogists:

Saturday, April 18th, 2020

Mike Maglio presents The Adopted, the Illegitimate and DNA

FREE courtesy of MSOG, Inc., Bristol Chapter

Via GoToWebinar – pre-registration required LINK HERE AND REGISTER NOW

Known as “The Origin Hunter”, Mike will walk us through a process using autosomal DNA to identify biological parents and missing family tree links. This is an intermediate DNA presentation that combines many beginner steps. It takes tradition genealogy, DNA and little detective work to help an adoptee find their biological parents. We’ll use all of our skills to build family trees, sort DNA into family lines and contact the right cousins to break through the obstacles. The process also works for an illegitimate ancestor or can help with other brick walls in the past 5 to 6 generations.

Mike is a professional genealogist, writer, and speaker. Born and raised in Massachusetts, he is the son of an Irish Italian father from the Northeast and Scotch-German mother from the Midwest. He graduated from Northeastern University with a B.S. in Engineering and has spent his career developing collaborative technologies. As a genetic genealogist, Mike advises on the use of DNA as a tool for genealogy through his site - www.OriginsDNA.com. His focus combines science and history to unravel ancestral genetic migrations.

Saturday Schedule:
11:00am MSOG, Inc. Bristol Chapter Exchange. All registered are welcome to join at this time – we plan to assist those in gaining comfort with GoToWebinar and the online experience.
11:45am Take your virtual seat. Log in using your unique registration link that you will receive via email upon registration. Say “hello” to us as you enter GoToWebinar (GTW)! Let us know from whence you hail. We encourage ALL Bristol Members and invited guests to join the GTW event by this time. Allow time to test your technology. Make certain that sound is up! Have your food on the table!
NOON Featured Presentation w/ Q&A immediately following.

This online program is FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC (just like our in-person sessions)
For more information contact Yvonne Hickey, MSOG, Inc. Bristol Chapter President: gro.cnigosm|lotsirb#gro.cnigosm|lotsirb or 508.208.5556
Full MSOG Bristol Chapter EVENT Schedule is available on: http://www.facebook.com/msoginc/events
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Let us and your friends on facebook know you are planning on attending! They can register via the “get tickets” link in the facebook event
Link here to see who else is interested on facebook and planning to attend! Spread the word. Tell your friends.

Please join us virtually – this topic has universal appeal to genealogists everywhere The Bristol Chapter of MSOG, Inc. regularly has attendees from all over Massachusetts and Rhode Island attend our in person sessions - because we are that much FUN! Outside of our formal meeting and presentation we typically continue to talk about genealogy over some good local food. With the introduction of our online presence and the cooperation of our presenters, our reach has expanded. So please register yourself and encourage a friend to register for this session too. Grab a sandwich in your home on Saturday, April 18th and spend some time with us. Let’s embrace each other during this time. Be safe and stay home!

Take good care,
- Yvonne

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