Calendar of Genealogy Events in Texas:

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May 12, 2018 - Clayton Library Friends General Meeting

Place: Houston Public Library/Clayton Library/Center for Genealogical Research
Carriage House
5300 Caroline Avenue
Houston, Texas 77004

Time: Registration starts at 10:15 and meeting starts at 10:30 am

Speaker: Larry Youngblood

Title: "The Colonial Youngblood YDNA Genealogy Research Project, A Strategy for Knocking Down Brick Walls"

Have you found little errors or omissions in your family research? Our speaker, Larry Youngblood, will share his experiences in the hopes that others can complete the task in a much more timely fashion. What must we learn of the basic understanding of DNA? Do you have to invest the time to be an expert? Given this, who should be our testing company? Is there already a Surname group? Which test should we ask relatives to take? Which relatives should we test, what are the goals and how are candidates found? Furthermore, how do you convince a "relative" to take a DNA test and when do you pay for the tests or upgrade the tests? After waiting for and getting results, what do we do now when a relative matches or a "known relative" does NOT match? What if the strategy does not get you to your results? Learn more about Larry's fascinating discovering which will likely help guide you in your own discovery !!!

The meeting is free.

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